Friday, June 4, 2010

Surgery Day!

Thank goodness this day has come to an end... It has been a long one with a lot of anticipation, more so for Wil and I of course, but it actually turned out to exceed anything I could have hoped for!

As I said on FB Liam did really awesome, I was so proud of him he really managed to keep it together until the anesthesiologist came in to which he then started literally jumping from one place to the next and getting extremely hyper but you could tell it was all nerves. We had a round of Versed and Tylenol show up quickly after that and the world was happy after that. Aside from him staying up from 2am on crying due to him needing a drink, ya he does not handle going without fluids. Once he woke up at 5 and Wil gave him a bath and he got his clothes on all by himself and then came and woke me up saying, "come on mommy let's go get my nose fixed". He was all excited and it was so cute and sad all at the same time.... I guess all this stuff with Riley is rubbing off on him since I couldn't believe how calm he was and we've been telling him about it all week. He even sat in Pre-op and colored, sigh, just another day around here...

The anesthesiologist was actually very good and even knew what Mito was without me explaining it. We ended up giving Liam no gas this time and following MH(Malignant Hypothermia) precautions and he did great! It was the first time I have EVER walked into PACU and not been able to hear him screaming long before we got through the doors. He was very calm and sleepy and HAPPY. He actually smiled at me. It was the biggest relief ever. The doctor said the surgery went great tubes went back in with ease and the holes were even still open so we were able to not have to make yet another spot in the eardrum to insert the new ones. As far as his sinuses he said there was definitely marked changes in the tissue due to all the chronic inflammation and infections. It was definitely a good thing we did this and he should be able to finally breath from his nose and we are still hoping to get that at least 50% decrease in infections. You could hear him actually breathing from him nose in PACU. I'm so excited for him since I know how much better he will feel after this. Everything is completely swollen tonight and his nose has been oozing blood since the surgery but that's to be expected for 24hrs. He is still handling all of that well. He just carries his box of tissues around the house with him. He is so funny!

Riley is still being Riley. I had called GI and left 3 separate messages for the nurse last week including one yesterday morning saying we were in O-town if they wanted to address the line issue. No call... This has been going on for over 2wks that we couldn't get a blood return on it. It runs fine though. So, apparently the GI had Dr.'s calling him since we were arranging things for her next week so his nurse call me to find out what's going on. This was shortly after we got home. She says she'll call me at the end of the day. Ok. nothing unusual. She calls back 5min later and said D. Mehta said to take her to ER at APH to have the line TPA'd. I started laughing at her and then flat out refused! Liam had just gotten home from surgery, this has been going on for over two weeks, and the line is still running. I told her to let him know I would deal with it on Monday but there was no way I was going to Orlando today for that! That was my funny moment of the day!

I am so tired I can't see straight. But I'll finish the update tomorrow and add my pics in. Thank you to everyone who said a prayer for Liam today!

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