Friday, June 18, 2010

Constantly Compeating

Yes, that would be my children! Always trying outshine one another with who can cause me to stress out the most that week. Liam didn't used to be so bad but he is definetly making his presence known now a days!

So todays fun adventure was waking up today and bribing Wil that if he would dress Liam I would take him to school. So, he did and then Wil came back in the bedroom and I was getting dressed for the day. When I came out of my room Liam was no were to be found. I asked the nurse who was in the baby's room with her if she had seen him and she said no. She had just returned from taking the baby for a walk... She had thought he was in our room with us. When she left with the baby he was sitting on the front porch and she thought we were coming right out. Well once we realize this like I said it was 10min. tops so I look out the front and back door and see nothing and no one. I ran in to get Wil and we each went in different directions. After about 5min. of looking I turn around and see Wil walking downthe side walk in front of the apts holding him and there is a cop about 10ft behind him and the cop car driving down the street....! I live in a complex that is basically a big oval. Each building has like five townhouses attatched to each other. The main entrance is about 100'ish ft off Wickham Rd.(a major 4 lane road) and we are almost all the way in the back of the complex too. When the police found Liam he had gone all the way across Wickham Rd.

All I could do was sit there and go OMG!!! How could this have happened?! We have taught him about roads and he knows never to wonder away. My god we have NEVER even let him play outside with one of his friends unless we are out there. And he's not allowed to go out of our sight even then! I was just in utter shock and he was completely non phased by it all. Even when the cop was lecturing him he just said, yes sir... He told them he went across the street looking for his sissy. This is so unlike him! Idk, what I'm going to do with these children! lol Some days you can't do anything but laugh, that and be greatful once again for nothing happening to him.

So, needless to say DCF was knocking on my door within an hour... Doing a full investigation. Just what I felt like doing today. They went everywhere and talked to everyone to try to find out who to blame for the child neglectfull unsupervision of a minor and child endangerment, Seriously!!?? Omg, what a joke. Thankfully, after talking to us she saw it was just no ones fault and said not much should come of it. Still... Then within minutes of her leaving one of our caseworkers from Yellow Umbrella came by and we had a 3 or 4hr meeting. She has been wonderful and it's so nice of these agencies to reach out and help us even if we aren't the exact client they are ment to help. We still need someone to help us. So, after everything was said and done we have a lot of things to think about and choices to be made. We also have a lot to work on.

Riley has been fine today I'm assuming, lol. Things were so busy I didn't have a lot of time with her. She had a wonderful nurse today and i know she would have told me about anything important. I took her temp before bed and it was only 100.4 so that was awesome! Way better than yesterday. I have work in the morning so I better get to bed. Here's to really hoping we have a nice quiet and uneventful weekend.

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