Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Week

Sorry, I been the worst blogger ever this week. Things have been SO busy around here I haven't even had a second to breath much less anything else. But busy in a good way I suppose... No major issues more of cleaning up all the mess of issues that happened or had to due with us being gone for weeks and then coming home and having my whole Friday lost to Socializing with DCF, ha ha!

Liam didn't have surgery on Tuesday. The surgery center called and set it all up on Monday only to call later that afternoon and change there minds and say they weren't comfortable handling Liam and he needed to be done in a hospital. Great now you decide this! Anyway after a lot of screaming between the Dr's office and the surgery center. His office called to say his next hospital day is Wednesday at Wuestoff... That aught to be a blast! A whole new hospital and a whole new set of issues. Whatever, at least it's close enough I could walk there. That's definitely one good thing.

Nothing else really huge or pressing right now just trying to get a lot of things ironed out and having a lot of meetings with people. I'll update on all that later. Not really anything extremely medical.

Riley has been very happy to be home as always! This extreme heat has really been taking a toll on both kids. She started having some autonomic issues start sneaking up last night. Boo hoo, everything had really been good otherwise. I noticed her pee smelled horrible last night when I was changing her at midnight. She had had plenty of fluids, she is still quite puffy and pale though... Today her autonomic stuff was a little worse, but both kids had a runny nose first thing this am. I was hoping they had just caught a cold but it kind of went away and neither kid seemed to have any more cold issues. I did cath her before bed and she had small leukocytes which sucks since she has been totally negative on the strips for the last few months. So who knows if she's still acting funny tomorrow we will take in a UA and culture to the Dr. She will let us know she always does! lol

I will give a better update tomorrow, I promise. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew we didn't fall off the face of the earth!

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