Friday, June 11, 2010

Afternoon of Day 5

I'm sorry for not updating sooner it has just been very busy around here and there was no time. Between dealing with Riley and the multiple doctors and such plus Liam and Wil came back yesterday evening.

At first yesterday they were really planning on sending her home like this but I kind of had a fit... There plan was to give her IVIG today and then go home. As long as the line was working to run TPN deal with it basically was the attitude. This was definitely not cool with me and I knew it was not the right thing for her. Things kind of inched along all day and we didn't really get much done, until ID came in that is. They gave her the all clear that we are confident she doesn't presently have an infection. So, she was more than happy to tell cardiology this news. Who in a little of a whirlwind agrees to call the interventional radiology cardiologist and find out when he wanted to cath her. We figured it would be Monday or something but about 30min later I walked out to the front and the Hospitalist caught me to tell me they wanted to take her first thing in the morning. They also said however her old broviac had to be removed first in order for them to cath her properly. By this point it was 6pm and we would need an Echo again in the am to confirm it hadn't moved or anything with the removal of the broviac.

So, we were able to get a hold of the surgeon who also happens to be our surgeon so he said he would make sure it got done for us at some point that night. He came by before doing it and said see I knew this needed to be addressed, that's why I wouldn't pull the line the other day until this was looked into. He said, him and I both know there are only so many places she has that can be accessed and if we screw around and loose an access point the price could be unthinkable. At this point, much to every ones dismay, If she didn't have access she would die. That's just the way it is, so we HAVE to be careful with what we have. Just because hem/onc kids use lines that are clotted doesn't me she can. They might need there lines but they don't depend on them everyday to live. So he ran off saying he would be back tonight to do it and would remove it in the treatment room. He kept his word and showed up about 1:30 in the morning. This is why we had a long night of waiting. They gave her a local and a dose of morphine and wrapped her in the papoose. It was in good but we managed and got back to bed around 3am. It had proceeded to gush some blood right after he removed it ( He let me stay and help) this was most likely due to the pressure from the clot. So, we had to put a pressure dressing on her. Which she didn't like and kept waking up all night to pick at it. So she woke up in a lovely mood this morning, sarcasm intended!

They were in early bombarding us with new drs. and people. They had her down to cath lab by 10:00am and had her IV versed ready for her! LOL They then preformed a sedated echo in the cath lab and removed the clot and placed the stent. She did great and apparently it was actually a significant clot. It was a 9mm clot.... So hopefully now that the blockage has been removed she will feel better and the stent will help us. The IR was awesome and very helpful. Another new friend, LOL. She is still in recovery and they just called me to be with her. There are still many unresolved issues. I will try to post again tonight when things are more resolved. Hopefully tonight will be a little calmer. *Crossing our Fingers*

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