Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2 APH

I'm so sorry I haven't updated sooner but I was waiting until we heard from the surgeon. So, I just wanted to update everyone quickly. We don't know a ton at the moment and we are still waiting for testing to come back. Riley possibly has an infection. We aren't sure and can't be at the moment. What we do know though is Riley has a blood clot in her SVC(Superior Vena Cava) in her heart. It has probably been there for a little while but the problem is that it is now partially blocking her SVC. The SVC is the part of the heart that pumps blood from the top half of the body into your heart to be oxygenated. This is why she has been swelling in her face and arms so much. We just thought it was due to the infection since she does that with infections. We don't know the extent of the blockage yet they just did an Echo of her heart that took 2hrs. and know are about to do a doppler study. I spoke with cardiology before the echo and she said we will need to remove the clot and place a stent in her heart but we can't risk the stent getting infected since a stent can't just come out... Chances are the clot probably harbored some of the infection from the MSSA infection and that is why she has continued to have fevers over the last 5wks. It's the ID(Infectious Disease) docs choice on how to best treat that. They will probably be able to remove the clot through angiogram so that's good. We stopped using her line yesterday evening and she seems better. The swelling hasn't gotten any worse and she's not constantly mottled. Her fevers have even gotten better. The stress on her body was probably causing her autonomic issues to be worse. She has a peripheral IV in her foot that we are thanking god she has to at least keep her hydrated she is getting rather cranky now without her TPN since she's hungry. That's the other issue, surgery will have to decide on how to place a temporary line. We are going to have to have to find a way to give her TPN for a week or two until we have safely have cleared any infection and can place a new broviac. So, once we get all the testing back and have some idea of a plan I'll update tonight. Things have been changing by the minute today so I'll let everyone know when I know more. Thanks to everyone for thinking and praying for our baby!

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Organizersdream said...

Praying non-stop for all of you. Please kiss Little Bit and Liam for me. Would like to visit soon - just let me know what would work gor you.... Love you all -