Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick Update....

Our favorite intensivest and someone who has saved Riley a few times before, Dr. Shirkantin actually agreed to put a femoral line in Riley... She is actually the person who put in the two other femoral lines she has had in the past. So, Riley is back in the PICU now sedated and having the line put in. Since Riley lost her peripheral IV around 6pm tonight it was not pretty watching her get sedated. She is getting older now and this whole trip has really been hard for the simple fact that she knows this time. Every time something is coming she know, Every stick, everything and anything. It was so different when she was a little baby and forgot within the hour. They had to give her intra-nasal versed and 2 big shots of IM Ketamine. Those shots hurt bad and then they tied her legs down and she was still hysterical. Ugghhhh, and in the big picture this is just one bad moment although it kills your heart it is nothing in the grand sceam of it all.

Ok, they were done quick! All went well it took 5 shots of ketamin to end up sedating her though. She got 3 more after I left... She is now resting comfortably though.

As I said the Dr. here knows us well and looked at me before and after and said you know this isn't good.... I said yes, She said you know what this could mean.... again I nodded yes. She says, you know she's going to end up with no access left.... Again I just said yes, and nodded and I just continued to rub Riley's beautiful soft hair and stare at her sweet little face. We do know although some days we wish we didn't what a battle we face. Some days we let it fool us but then something like this always sends you shooting quickly back to what has become our reality.

We still haven't gotten the official word on the Doppler study or the echo but the hospitalist said just from looking at the doppler films unofficially there is definitely a clot but that's all we know. They talked to ID and they'll be by tomorrow to see us. Everyone also decided it was time to call in the Hematologist to see her. He came by this afternoon and poor Riley was so tired... She was a mess by the time he left. Funny thing is he thinks he was the one who took care of me when I had ITP as a baby. HaHa! It's a small world. We are thinking the best way to go might be to try to give her some sort of medication that will help to slowly dissolve the clot but this will be a "team" decision The team being all of her multiple specialists. That aught to be an interesting talk... He is going to run the full work up on her for all the clotting and bleeding disorders. All I know is they just took almost 25cc's of blood from her not to mention the amount in the bed after the line. If she didn't need a transfusion before my god she's going to need one now!

So, now as we are sitting in PICU Riley is comfortably resting and I'm exhausted hopefully in a few hours we should be able to go back to out room upstairs in the towers. I went to tell Wil and Liam the good news and they were already passed out. That's a good thing I'm sure since Liam has been having a hard time with all of this again. Just as how Riley has become older and more aware so has Liam. It seems like every time it gets harder on him but it's even harder for him to be away. It's still almost impossible to keep him at the hospital but at least with him staying at RMH(Ronald McDonald House) I can see him multiple times a day and he can see his sissy too.

Hopefully we will know more in the morning and I'll try to update this as soon as I get a chance tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who leaves us comments and thoughts it is so nice to see all the people who care about are family!


Organizersdream said...

Woke up and still praying for you all.... Love you with all my heart. -Mom

Jennifer said...


You are a strong beautiful loving mother. I think of you all often and always keep Liam & Riley in my prayers.

Love Jen Rob & Briana