Saturday, May 15, 2010

So Good to be HOME!

Yes, we were able to make it home and even by around 4:30 thanks to out WONDERFUL TPN delivery man Brian who we love! He has been coming from Orlando every week to deliver Riley's TPN for about a year now and has grown to love Riley too. So, when I called to tell him we could leave as soon as he brought our shipment with her TPN and abx he changed his hurried to Tampa to get it and then changed his whole route so he could get there early. So, after I let Riley run wild in the nurses station, they quickly proceeded to get our discharge ready and us out the door, lol. We even made good time considering we got stuck in the launch traffic and all. Riley was SOOO happy to be home she couldn't stop walking around laughing and singing. Liam was in much better spirits too. We did have to basically overhaul the house once we got home. Between the sink full of week old dishes and trash that hadn't been taken out it was not a pretty sight add to that the 10 loads of laundry that needed to be done. When you leave like we do it's basically a mad dash to get together all the things you can't live without including clothes, meds, medical equipment and supplies so when you come home all 8 or so of these bags have to be unpacked and put away not to mention the 2 full boxes of new TPN, IV meds, and supplies... Add taking care of the kids and getting Riley's TPN, IV abx, reg meds ready and given and then getting her to bed we had a busy night. BUT, it is always so nice to be home it never matters. The caous in our life is sometimes easy to get caught up in but I always remember to stop and look around and find a way to be thankful because in out lives it could always be worse....

I actually lucked out today, when I got to work I found out they were over staffed so I was able to go home today and get a few much needed things done since next week we have a lot going on and I need to get a lot of things in order first. Liam is happily back into his normal routine and is at daycare playing with his friends. Riley is kind of status quo right now. We need to finish her abx which will be 2 weeks before we can talk about re-scheduling her surgery again. She needs that time anyway for her body to get stronger. We might have an opportunity to get some other things with Riley done in the next few weeks also but I'll know more on Monday or Tuesday about that hopefully and let you know then. Not that Riley getting that sick was in anyway a good thing but I don't think her body was in any shape to be having surgery last week and I'm glad we didn't weren't able to do it. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

So, for now we will hopefully enjoy the calm before the next storm. We always know something will come and we never know when. Riley usually has a small interim after a major illness/issue and we but enjoy times like this even more! We never let our guard down though since the next issue could be starting or happening as I type but you just enjoy ever moment you have.

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