Sunday, May 23, 2010

Same ol' Same ol'

The hospital life never changes much On Call docs to deal with, new nurses who aren't completely familiar with Riley, lack of sleep (for everyone), Hyper Liam from all the attention and lack there of, having to ask permission and get orders to do every little thing and explain why we do it, and the list could go on... but I'll spare you! LOL

I think when you have a flat out complicated kid it's always this way unless Wil and me are doing all our care and it's being coordinated though only our docs. So, as I said I guess you just get used to it all after awhile but some things just never change. Nobody knows the true feelings of it all unless they have been there. No matter how hard they try they never can. Between the frustrations and the joys and how you get through the day to day of it's just something you have to be in to "get". When the rare occasion comes along that you are able to finally find someone who does then it's surprising how much hurt and sorrow you have for them because no one should have to endure this. I think it is a very torn feeling since your heart is breaking for them but at the same time it is so comforting you aren't completely alone. Some days it can feel like a lonely place. These are the times you have to remember the gift in the midst of all of this. I have been given the ability to appreciate life and make sure I'm doing everything possible to live it to the fullest and not take one moment or memory with my children for granted....

Riley seems to be feeling better today. She hasn't had a temp since starting the abx and actually ate a small handful of dry cereal tonight which is more than she has eaten all week. The sticky part is as of right now, almost 24hrs, her cultures have not come up positive. This means our treatment is working but we have no idea what we are treating.... not exactly a good thing. So, we shall see what the doc has to say in the AM. Should be interesting I'm sure! And at 1:30am we have to get labs so we'll see how much fun her line is today. Her labs were a little funky last night with her WBC count and H&H taking a pretty good drop from the day before as well as general funky "Riley Issues". So, again more of the same ol' wait and see game. Fun for now and nothing to special, WHICH IS ALWAYS GOOD. It is nice to be at Holmes with all my favorite people who know and spoil us so much. Much more laid back thankfully! I got some cut pics of Riley and Liam eating Cheerios together tonight but it's late and I'll try to get them up tomorrow. I need to sleep now since it will be time to work ohhhh so soon! Thanks to everyone that has been there for us and helped us get through this. You know who you are and how much I LOVE YOU!!!

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