Saturday, May 22, 2010

Settled Back In

Good to be home, NOT... since this is not our home! Although most days you could seriously fool me. Thank god we have two different hospitals we go to or I would really be confused.

Riley Seems to be feeling pretty bad tonight which is actually a good sign to me that we caught this nasty bug just in the nick of time. I did manage to pull blood off of her line to get a culture. Let me tell you I felt like I deserved a prize when it was all said and done. I still don't know what we are going to do about that line. They keep going back and forth on wether or not to TPA it. All I know is I don't like the problems we are having or that no one knows why we can't get blood off of it. God knows we can't keeping attemting peripherial draws off on her to get labs!

We also are playing the lovely abx dance with Riley. She is greatly narrowing our choices between what she is allergic to and what just plain doesn't work we are going to end up in big trouble one day. She has allergies to penicillin, sulfa's, and all the mycin's not to mention she doesn't tolerate rocephin (it gives her gallbladder sludge) and the list's go on.... Apparently what we have been using at home hasn't been working either. So, thankfully Riley has a wonderful caring pediatrician who put a lot of thought into concocting this new formulation and went with some of our oldy but goody abx. Our kill alls, since we can't afford (and wont!) loose this line!

I need to get some sleep so I can get up in a few hours and go out and work! Ohhhh yeah, LOL. Hopefully it will be a nice uneventful weekend in Hotel HRMC (Holmes Regional Medical Center for my far away friends :). Check out a few photos from today...

After all the labs and Cathing and everything else I
think she finally gave up, BUT only for tonight!

All snuggled in, just like home....
Sighhhhhh, I give up :)

Riley in the Bath! Chewing on Something...

Riley playing in the bath earlier today


Jessica said...

Sigh. We truly know how you feel. As you know, Eihtene thinks she lives at Children's Hospital Boston. And who am I to argue otherwise? We spends more time here than anywhere else, for sure.

I hope you can get he line issues resolved. Meropenum is Eithene's "Kill All" and we have her on it usually 10-14 days every month, along with her fungal "kill All", IV fluconazole. The rest of the month we use whatever covers the bug of the moment... Ampicillin,cefazolin, rocephin, vanco,... ABCs of IV abx...

I hope you squash this bug easily and are back home soon. I can't even count how many Friday admission we have just because we know that the "infection of the week" will land us in the Er by Sunday with her ReALLy sick. Without fail, we spend all day on the phone with the team, and usually around 5 pm or so the call "head in" finally happens... just in time to make my husband mad because of the traffic. Sigh. We have a list of top 3 rooms we ask our nurses to get for us when we know we're headed in :) In my personal favorite right now... there ARE some perks to living in the hospital.

Jessica :)

Organizersdream said...

I absolutely adore these babies.... sigh. Wish they were close enough to hug everyday. Love you all -