Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photos from Our Day

Check out some photos from our day today! As you can tell it was a great day. Riley did have a fever this afternoon but good or bad it seemed to be an autonomic thing so I'm just going to watch it and see what happen. As I said earlier, you just never know what tomorrow holds around here! I just got finished giving Riley's 12:30 dose of IV abx's and I'm off to bed. Thanks for checking in on us and taking the time to think of the kids.

Riley being a good girl while getting her antibiotics and bolus.

Liam just hanging out after swimming today

Riley trying to put socks on...

Chewing on brothers ear drops

Look at all her curly hair! She didn't get that from me.


terra said...

oh my gosh i just want to squeeze both of your kids - they are so forking adorable!!!!
how did riley grow up so much in two weeks???? she looks like such a big girl all of a sudden! I think its the one ponytail vs the two piggies...either way - adorableness that is almost too much to handle!

Jessica said...

Both of your kids are adorable. Riley sounds so much like Eithene.... they definitely took a leaf from the same book! FYI- we had that type of reaction to E's IVIG until we added methylprednisone to the benedryl and tylenol. Never had an IVIG-related fever since :) Of course, E got her IVIG today and started with a fever BEFORE it, that just got higher. Just sent blood cultures and restarted IV abx #2... another day living in the hospital :) You know how that goes.