Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going or Not Going.....???

Well, I know everyone has been going crazy asking me about the NC trip and if we are going or not. Well it looks like we ARE GOING!!! Ugghhh, this has really been a lot of work. I was surprised.... I mean taking Riley any where is never easy or quick much less 3 states away but we haven't even got to that part yet! The hospital in NC called to get all of her registration done over the phone. Apparently, they say there is no issues...??? I realized though they are just under the same impression we are that we are just waiting for final approval and normally Medicaid always back pays at least a month so I guess that's what they are going on. Bottom line we are going and if the "Medicaid Miracle" doesn't happen by Wed at 9am. All of the Dr.'s and Hospital bills will be my responsibility. But you know what I COULD CARE LESS! As long as my baby gets the care she needs the rest can always be worked out later. We really need this done, and it's not like the pyloraplasty will be her "cure all" by any stretch of the imagination. I'm really starting to get excited about the trip now that we know it's finally going to happen! And Thank you to Flights of HOPE for taking us there!!!!

Riley is continuing to swell up like Sponge Bob taking a bath... Every day you can see it get worse. Even over the last two days. As of Thursday she had gained 3lbs in less than 3 weeks. I'm almost scared to know what she's at now and just PRAYING we don't have any major issues pop up before we leave. It's getting to be around "that time" again, siggghhhh. We will be coming home Friday night and that next Tuesday we have an appt. with the surgeon to discuss everything that happened in NC and to schedule surgery. That means no rest in between basically since this surgery is going to be rough on her and not quick and easy by any means. But at least we are having things start to move forward once again. It was very frustrating to sit around and not really be trying to do anything.... Anyways, now I'm just rambling.

On other fronts Liam definitely seems to his happy wild self again thank goodness, I wasn't sure if I would survive all of that, LoL. So now on to packing and getting things together although I'm not sure exactly when since I'm working all weekend. Ohhh, well I'll find the time. Who needs sleep anyways :) Not Me!

Liam and I on his 4th Birthday

Trouble Maker! Trying to take apart her pulse-ox machine...

My Little Mermaid! She LOVES the water

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